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Image of nice Australian outback caravaning spot

Why storing your caravan at home might not be the best option?

Australia is an amazing place in which to own a caravan. There are so many places to go, including those short trips out of each capital city that most people don't even know exist.

The caravaning lifestyle give you the options of going whenever uyou want, whereever you want.

But, unfortinately there is a downside to owning a caravan, and that is where do you put it when you are not using it.

A decade or so ago, this was a question not asked much. Many people used to live on the old 1/4 acre blocks, with heaps of room out the front of the house, or around the back where you could put a caravan when not is use.

With the modern trend to smaller and smaller homes, a place to store the caravan is becoming a critical issues.

We've all seen the growing list of caravans now stored on the "nature strip" front of homes, and I wonder how long its going to take before the local councils start to crack down on this activity.

Security issues

One of the downsides of storing your caravan out the front of your home is the possibility of both accidental damage and from vandalism!

PLUS it acts as a flag to every wannabe burgler to when you are home and when you are away for more than a few hours. Its like standing on the front verge and waving a flag and shouting at the top of your voice.. "We are going away for a few days, maybe even a few weeks, so please come and rob this home"

So it's time to seriously think about caravan storage away from your home

Possible solutions

There are many goof caravan storage solutions across the country, from Perth to Sydney, Darwin to Hobart. All you've have to do is decide which one is best for you

This website lists the best caravan storage providers we have found across the country and there a lot we don't know about.

If you know of a caravan storage provider in your city providing excellent service, then please let us know via the contact us page.